"My experience working with Sue Reis has been exceptional!   She has a strong work ethic and knows the significance of maintaining service and client relationships. She is extremely intuitive and I believe this is what allows her to find the “right fit” for our organization.   Her candidates consistently meet our firm standards sometimes making the choices difficult….we want to hire them all! Thanks Sue for all that you do for us!"

Joan Oppelt, MBA, CHRP

Director of Administration

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP





"I was responsible for recruiting staff in our Calgary office for the better part of 2011 and had the pleasure of working with Sue at RSG Recruiting. The strengths Sue brings to the business are many, however what stood out most for me was her ability to completely understand our firm culture, to focus on the competency and behavioural skills that were important to us, and to only present candidates who met most, if not all our expectations. Sue always provided a high degree of professionalism was always extremely patient and never made me feel as if I was wasting her time. Her sense of humour and genuine passion for finding the "right fit" made the search for candidates in a hot market so much easier. I can recommend Sue without a doubt and would work with her again in the future."

Annie Ronen
Director of Human Resources
Lawson Lundell LLP



"Sue Reis has really figured out to how provide outstanding client service, she takes the time to understand her client's needs, she is prompt, reliable and has the amazing ability to consistently find just the right person for our Firm".

Andrew Walcot, CHRP
Human Resources Manager



"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sue for 2 years.  In this time span Sue has done an excellent job of providing me with top quality legal candidates that suit the culture and personality of the firm.   Sue is extremely effective, attentive and responsive.  She is professional, reliable and always a pleasure to work with.  

I truly enjoy working with Sue and will continue to use her services when needed."

Diana Civitella, CHRP
Human Resources Administrator
McLeod & Company LLP



"RSG has been consistent in exceeding the recruiting challenges for organizations in a fluctuating economy. Sue Reis has a dedicated commitment in providing unconditional, professional service for her clients. The nearly psychic understanding of a Firm's corporate culture and each individual roles' specific demands provides the reliability organizations value and trust. RSG's continued success with candidate placements, retention, and relationship development is admirable and respected.

Sue, we thank you and your team for your commitment to the industry and look forward to ongoing and future projects!"

Reena K. Sharma, CHRP, B.Comm
Human Resources Manager, Prairie Region
Miller Thomson LLP




"We stopped using placement agencies quite some time ago as we felt that the candidates that we were being sent were not what we were looking for and just got really discouraged by what we were being presented with. Sue is exactly the opposite and she is one of the only recruiters that we will now use in going forward with our staffing needs. All of the candidates were excellent, references were all checked and she definitely took the time to listen to our needs and provide us with the perfect candidate! Sue is extremely organized and very quick to return phone calls and provide necessary information. I would highly recommend both Sue and Reis Search Group for any placement needs!"

Annette Marshall
Manager - Human Resources
Reynolds, Mirth, Richards & Farmer, LLP




"First and foremost, Sue is the best personal spokesperson anyone could ask for.  She is attentive, diligent and wants nothing more than to find the right place for you to work.  Sue has assisted me many times when it came to seeking new employment and even if years have passed, she still remembers you like an old friend.  Thank you Sue for your expertise, support and encouragement!"

Robyn Gold, Legal Assistant




"Seeks the perfect fit, strives to meet objectives and attentive throughout your job seeking/hiring process with a genuine caring positive attitude --- that is Sue Reis --- a person you can count on to get results!
I have been working in the legal industry for over 19 years. It is rare to find a super quality person with exceptional professionalism yet a down to earth demeanour.
Sue has insights in the employment industry that are of great value to me and I trust she can enlighten same for you.
It is imperative to have key connections and she has proven to me that she does... it allows me to be on the cutting edge striving for an excellent career."

Kimberly DeSouza, Legal Assistant




"As a secretary in the legal field, starting out without my certificate program was very difficult. I was introduced to Sue Reis from RSG Recruiting and that all changed quickly. She made it possible for me to meet the right people so I could steer my career in the direction I wanted it to go. She matched my employment needs with the most compatible employers, something I never would have had the tools or knowledge to do. Sue Reis at RSG Recruiting has changed my career and life for the better. I could not be happier."

Alison Mills, Legal Assistant




"I recently found myself in search of a job and consequently interviewed with five Recruitment Agencies. Right from the start, Sue Reis impressed me with her efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for.
Within two days of our initial meeting, Sue had me sent out to my first interview. The other four agencies all made huge promises of what they could and would do for me, but Sue was the only one that followed through on her commitments. Her follow up after an interview with myself and the perspective employer was immediate. Her integrity and dedication to finding the perfect fit for both myself and the potential employer exemplary.
There was not a company that I went for an interview with that did not comment on Sue's work ethic being exceptional in all areas. Her hard work for both the firm and the potential employee was without question top notch. All firms commented that Sue was one of their most trusted Recruiters due to her thoroughness in checking out references and candidates prior to submitting anyone for a position. Her above and beyond approach to finding the best person for the job, and at the same time for the firm, unquestionable.
I would highly recommend Sue to anyone in need of an agency, both from an employee or employer standpoint."

Sandi Lewis, Legal Assistant




I can't tell you how much it has been a pleasure dealing with Sue Reis of RSG Recruiting.  From start to finish, Sue was open and honest in helping me find the most suitable firm to work for.

Not only was Sue diligent in sending me out on an interview but she also personally met and coached me beforehand which I greatly appreciated.  I'm sure you can relate to how nerve wracking interviews can be. Sue gave me that extra encouragement and support that I needed.  I was also impressed with how smooth the negotiating process went resulting in the offer I was looking for. 

Sue was very understanding to my needs of being a working career mom.  She was able to obtain the salary and the benefits I was looking for.

I highly recommend Sue Reis to all my colleagues and friends.   

Thank you very much Sue for doing such a fantastic job!

Nicole Hall, Legal Assistant




"Thank you Sue, for finding my dream job! It has already been a year in my new position and I could not be happier. Thank you for matching me with this law firm! You are without question, the best recruiter I have ever worked with.
It was a pleasure working with you and I continue to refer all my friends to you."

Anne, Legal Assistant




"It is an understatement for me to describe RSG Recruiting as the best employment agency that I have ever being in contact with! Sue Reis, President & Executive Consultant isn't a consultant eager to just place you so she can get paid from that client. Sue is dedicated and committed to finding the best long-term career for the employee, and she strives to ensure that both employee and employer are the best fit. Needless to say, I will never refer my friends and family to any other employment

Coleen Lambert, Legal Assistant



"Sue convinced me to come out of semi-retirement to work temporarily for a wonderful lawyer. Sue was very upfront about the lawyer, law firm, and what was required for the position. I am enjoying working not only for an extremely appreciative lawyer but also law firm. I can only praise Sue's professionalism in matching the candidate with prospective employer. I have recommended other assistants to contact Sue. As for myself, I would trust Sue's judgment for another placement in the near future."

Darlene Kiss, Legal Assistant




I have been a paralegal now for 13 years and have had an extremely varied career. I have utilized the services of a recruiting agent for the majority of my many different positions and have never, ever had such a rewarding and fulfilling experience as I have had with Sue Reis of RSG Recruiting. Every other recruiter I have used has only ever had their large corporate clients as their priority, and were willing to just put me anywhere to keep the law firm happy, without ever giving a thought to what I wanted or needed out of my job. But then I found Sue and in her, someone who honestly cares about the candidates, and who works tirelessly to ensure the position that she secures for them is a good fit and that the candidate, not just the corporate client, is satisfied and happy. Sue listened very carefully to what I wanted and needed for the next step that I wanted to take in my career, and finding me that perfect job, with my long list of requirements was no easy task. But, not only did she place me in a position that exceeded every expectation I had and that was exactly what I was looking for, she is still working with/for me non-stop almost a year after placing me, helping through a very labour-intensive review process. All difficulties I encountered in my first several months settling into my position were addressed by Sue and dealt with immediately in an extremely professional and very compassionate manner. If you are looking for someone to find you that perfect dream job - and to help you make sure it STAYS that way - Sue is the most perfect person for the job. I will highly recommend her services to anyone and everyone that needs a champion in their corner.

Carmen Ries, Law Clerk




I am very impressed with RSG recruiting. From the first phone call and my interview with you I felt very confident that you were looking after my best interests. You advised me of a position that I may be interested in that fit my requirements, you set up the interview and I am now hired on. I am sure that we all agree that this is an excellent placement for me and I am very busy in my new job and enjoying it. Thank you for your positive feedback and excellent communication skills and negotiating skills so that I can be where I am today.

Charlotte Henderson, Paralegal




The experience working with Sue has been unique. From the very beginning I felt that Sue was a professional who should be trusted completely. Other agencies match only experience their client has to the needs of the employer and Sue can also see potential of her client. I also find valuable her ability to negotiate with the employer and her ability to be genuinely concerned about how to find her client a job. I am happy that I trusted Sue's judgment as she found me a job that I like and never though I could have.

Valentina K, Legal Assistant





"Sue goes above and beyond to provide top-notch professional representation for her candidates. As a legal assistant for 24 years, I find Sue's service is well above her trade counterparts. I met with Sue almost two years ago to discuss my career goals and job prospect.  It was my most pleasurable meeting with an employment recruiter because Sue listened with keen interest, examined my work experiences and references with absolute precision, provided advice to my potentials, all the time with a friendly smile. She then followed up with telephone calls and emails well beyond the "normal work hours". Not only did she find me a job shortly after, she found me a dream job in a fantastic law office where my career goals will be fulfilled.

Thank you so much Sue for providing an outstanding service. As an extremely satisfied candidate, I will definitely recommend Sue to all my friends who seek professional representation."

Shirley Lee, Legal Assistant





"When Sue asked me to meet with her I thought - here we go again, I go to the agency fill in form after form, then I would be sent into a small room to take unlimited tests to prove my ability and knowledge even though my resume and reference were current and to a high standard, with a great many years’ experience.  

I was wrong……it was the BEST meeting I had known, Sue was so kind and pleasant with an understanding as to what job fitted my personality, lifestyle and the right company.  Sue managed this with ease and followed up to make sure I was happy and enjoying my new role.

I wouldn’t go through any other agency now I have used Sue at Reis!  Keep up the good work Sue..."

Sonia Whiteman, Legal Receptionist




I first met Sue, seven years ago as a fresh new assistant looking to move forward with her career. She found me a position at a great firm, with a lawyer I would be with for the next 6 and half years and with whom I still have a great relationship today. A few months ago, I accepted a position (not placed by Sue) and had the two of the worst months I have had in a long while. My only thought was to call Sue and get her advice. That day, I had an interview booked with a great firm, the next day, I had an interview with the lawyer I would be working for, and the following day, I had an offer, which I accepted.

Sue really listened to me and heard me and due to that she was able to match me with a firm that was a fit. She changed my life. That was two months ago and I love going to work, enjoy the lawyer I work with and am looking forward to spending years working with him and my group.

Sue listens to and cares for her clients and knows her firms and their needs. All I can say is thank you so much. “

Shannon Navarrete, Legal Assistant



Sue, you're truly amazing! I did not expect to find a new job within a couple of weeks of talking with you. Sue, you promptly answered my all of my emails, texts and calls when I had questions. You worked extremely hard during evenings and weekends to find a new job for me. Within a week, you had three interviews lined up for me. I was very surprised.   At the end of those interviews, not one but two firms proposed an offer for a position. I am so happy to announce that I have found a new job and I couldn't be any happier. Thank you very much, Sue. I couldn't have done anything without you!

Thanks Sue! I truly appreciate your help.”

Sapna Sharma, Legal Assistant




"Sue was amazing to work with.  She was very responsive and never let me feel like I was alone in the job search process.  She had good knowledge of my field and appeared to have excellent contacts in that field.  I was unemployed for 4 weeks and in that time, she sent me on 3 interviews which ended in one excellent job which matched my needs perfectly.  I am very happy with the service I received and would recommend Sue to anyone looking for a job."

Nina Motivala, Legal Assistant




"I met Sue when I relocated from Vancuver to Calgary. I was nervous about the job market and transferring my skills from BC to AB. After my first telephone call with Sue all my fears were laid to rest. She quickly advised that my experience would be invaluable in securing me a position and proceeded to advise of several postions she thought that might suit me. She was a wonderful sounding board throughout my interview process and her professionalism and insight were extremely helpful in assisting me with my decision. I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone that is looking for assistance in securing a new position. Her friendly demeanor and talent for putting people at ease make her a delight to work with."
Sarah Dobie, Legal Assistant



"Dear Sue,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the recruitment service you provided to me, and with you in particular, in assisting me to find the job I wanted as a Legal Assistant.

Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other recruitment agencies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

I will not hesitate to pay you back in some way by giving my wholehearted and thorough recommendation to anyone who is searching for their dreamed job in the legal field. "

Demi MacDonald, Legal Assistant




"After contacting many employment agencies, the one person who seemed to really care about my situation was Sue Reis. She was in contact with me on a regular basis with different opportunities, including working on a temporary basis. She was always so encouraging and ready with good advice. One of those temp positions turned into full
time employment. I have now been with this law firm for almost two years and could not be happier with the people I work with or how much I love my job.

Thank you again and I do send potentials your way. You treated me with such respect."


Jacquie Vice, Legal Assistant





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